December 18, 2023

Here’s 4 tips on how to succeed in persuading and sell more

1. Never forget that your business is good

In persuasion and sales, one of the fundamental strategies for success is to remember why you do what you do and what you are actually selling. I bet you started your business to offer a product or service that people were missing. Essentially, you wanted to improve the lives of others, right? Don’t forget that. Your product or service improves lives. So, don’t be afraid to confidently persuade others and sell it with a good feeling.

2. Adopt a scientific mindset

When learning new things, the abundance of tactics, strategies, and perspectives can be overwhelming. How to determine which ones are the correct ones? Think like a scientist. Just as scientists test and verify their hypotheses, entrepreneurs should test their marketing. Simply ask your relatives and friends for their opinions or involve someone neutral in the experiment. Create a questionnaire, for example, and send it to friends and someone you enjoy working with. Perhaps their answers will help you discover what connects them and what you may not see yourself.

3. Use social proof

Social proof is anything that proves to your target audience that you have something in common. It’s not just about the brand and logos on the company’s website. When persuading, try to include social proof in the conversation. Mention that someone your client knows has invested in your product or service. Target both the client’s rational and social instincts. When they find out that someone from their community trusts you, there is a higher likelihood that they will trust you too.

4. Focus on one word

When founding a company, developing, or rebranding, it helps to determine one „word”. Which specific word best fits your product or service? (Imagine what word is associated with the brand „Google”, and conversely, what brand is associated with the word „search“?). If you have trouble with this, ask friends, clients, or even strangers. What word comes to their mind when they think about your product? Sometimes, we want to be something we’re not. The sooner we understand who we really are and open up to it, the clearer our clients will perceive us, and the more trust we will gain from them. It doesn’t matter what word you ultimately choose; you must fulfill and embody that word.

In conclusion

Sales and marketing are for everyone—for entrepreneurs, leaders, and parents who want their children to eat broccoli. If our intentions are good, we not only have the right but also the obligation to become better salespeople. Remember: your sales and persuasion are not just a means to get rich. It’s a service for other people in this world.

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