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Frequently asked questions

Can I expect to receive a cooperation contract?
Once you've completed your personal profile, all our sales team members gain access to the Terms of Conditions (ToC). These outline the rules for using our platform and serve as a contractual agreement. While they're available on our platform, we're happy to send them to you via email as well. This process is standard practice for online tools.
What are the payment conditions?
We believe in keeping our payment structure clear and straightforward for our sales team. Each salesperson receives a set base pay, along with bonuses for successfully closing deals. The base pay is determined by the package size they're working with, which comes in two options: a 40-pack and an 80-pack. For instance, with a 40-pack, the base pay is 450 euros, and with an 80-pack, it's 650 euros. For example, if a salesperson manages to secure 3 40-packs, their base salary would be 3 x 450 euros = 1350 euros. Additionally, regardless of package size, there are bonuses available for increasing the number of meetings.
How can I ensure I'll get assigned to a project?
We take several factors into account when assigning projects to our sales team members, including country, location, past performance based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and how closely aligned they are with the target market segment. Additionally, we consider the thoroughness of their profile completion on the CloseRocket platform. We prioritize professionally curated profiles, as they offer better insight into the salesperson's capabilities and experience.
How does the sales process work and what's my role?
As a salesperson on our platform, your primary responsibility is to meet predetermined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through selling. Typically, you'll start by receiving a contact database for outreach, which you'll find on your CRM board. Your task involves reaching out to these contacts via email and phone calls, with the goal of promoting our client's products or services. Simultaneously, you'll aim to schedule meetings with potential clients. Following successful meetings, you'll maintain follow-up emails, phone calls, or in-person meetings, ultimately working towards securing the client's business.
What's the notice period for our cooperation?
Our cooperation agreement includes a 3-month notice period.
What if a project isn't the right fit for me and I'd prefer not to continue selling it?
You have the option to opt out of a project at the end of each month. Our sales team and companies are matched on the 15th day of every month. If you wish to switch to another product, just reach out to our Customer Care team and they'll assist you.
Can I receive projects exclusively from a specific segment?
Absolutely! You have the freedom to specify your preferences regarding the segment you're interested in within your profile. You can also indicate any segments you prefer not to work with. Before assigning a project, we always check in with you to ensure it aligns with your interests and expertise in a particular segment.
I'm unsure about using the system. Can I receive training?
Absolutely! Our Customer Care team is here to support you every step of the way. They serve as the backbone of our sales team and are available to assist you whenever you need guidance or training.

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