December 18, 2023

What must a good salesperson possess?

Finding a good salesperson is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Salespeople are scarce, and the qualified ones are usually already taken. We’ve compiled four tips for you on how to choose the right one. What should a salesperson not lack, and what should you be mindful of in the selection process?

Optimism and empathy

Hopefully, you haven’t encountered a pessimistic salesperson. If you have, it must have been a disaster. That’s why, when looking for the right one, pay attention to the emotions they radiate. People prefer being around cheerful and positive partners, whether it’s in their business or private life. Hence, choose a salesperson carefully and observe how they affect you.


Trading is often demanding, and constant rejection can exhaust even the most professional of us. After all, who enjoys hearing “no” all the time? Therefore, it’s important for a salesperson to know where they are heading. Without a clear goal and plan, it would be very difficult to endure challenging days. When evaluating a potential salesperson, notice if they are determined and able to move towards their goals even during tough times.

Communication skills

It is said that in sales, it is most important to listen and ask questions. That is undoubtedly true. However, it’s hard to imagine a salesperson who is not articulate. Communication skills are crucial. A salesperson should have an excellent vocabulary and be able to communicate clearly – verbally as well as non-verbally. Notice how the sales candidate communicates during the interview.


Using CRM tools in sales is crucial for both small and large sales teams. However, a tool that is not used correctly is useless for the team. A salesperson should regularly record information about customers, their communication, and other planned steps. If a salesperson lacks precision and does not use CRM tools correctly, the entire sales team suffers. Test the precision of the candidate during the interview.

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