Sales Agent Commission Ideas Generator

The app will analyze your website and provide you 3 detailed ideas on a bonus system you can implement in your sales team.


Ready to unlock your sales team’s full potential? Our tool gives you 3 ideas on a commission system for sales agents you can implement inside your team. It takes into consideration the size of the team and business information from your website.

Simply input your website, and your sales team size and receive personalized bonus strategies that suit your business needs.

How it works

Follow the steps to get the best ideas:

  1. Input the size of your sales team.
  2. Enter your business website (we’ll get info about your business).
  3. Hit the submit button.
  4. Wait a few seconds for results.

Expected output

The tool uses content from your website to understand your business. It will return 3 ideas for a commission system you can implement in your company to motivate your sales team.

The response contains

  • Tailored ideas to your business
  • Each idea contains
    • Commission system description
    • Performance bonus explanation
    • Calculation of the commission fees

These brainstormed ideas are a great start to implementing a bonus system in your company.